On a daily basis, we get phone calls, emails, and suggestions at our counter about movies we should bring to the Drexel. We love the input, because frankly, we love to talk about film.

Booking films is an intricate process which includes our booking agent in New York. He maintains relationships with the major and independent film studios, and is working months in advance to make sure we are on top of the very best offerings. It’s quite an undertaking, as there are 5-15 films opening in any given week and we have three screens (three brand-new screens, I might add)!

We also look for special programming opportunities outside of our commitment to new releases. This past week, we showed the classic musical 1776 to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. Soon we will be announcing a new series of midnight movies to begin in August. We are also planning a lot of fun events for this fall, and beyond, that will use our historic theatre in new and exciting ways.

We always invite suggestions for films and events you’d like to see at the Drexel. Some of our best (and favorite) ideas have come from our patrons. Choosing our films is a process with a host of factors, but it is always a fun challenge to bring central Ohio the very best in cinema.

FUN FACT: The first 35mm film was shot in San Francisco in 1906, four days before the historic earthquake. You can see the street scene, including a cable car, at this website. While we have converted to digital formats for the most part, it is fun to look at the history of the medium.

— Kevin Rouch, Drexel Theatre Director