We are grateful for the following gifts to the Friends of the 2020 Drexel Gala @ Home and the 2020 Annual Fund. These gifts are an essential part of your community cinema experience.

If you’d like to join this community of donors, please click here to make a donation to the Annual Fund.



Dreiseszun Family Foundation


Crane Group
Schottenstein Property Group/Schottenstein Stores Corp.


Development Services Agency of the State of Ohio
Lewin Family/Hamilton Parker Foundation
PNC Foundation


The Columbus Foundation
The Robert Weiler Company


Crane Group
Schottenstein Property Group/Schottenstein Stores Corp.

UP TO $499

Gregg Frame Studio
Morgan Stanley



Jill Jeffrey Kingsley

The Jeffrey Family


Mary K. Lazarus

Trip and Lexie Lazarus Fund


Beth Crane and Richard McKee Fund
Jameson Crane
Michael and Paige Crane Fund
Tanny Crane and John Wolff
James P. Garland and Carol J. Andreae

DeeDee and Herb Glimcher
Babette Gorman and Jack Buckingham
Lynne M. Jeffrey
Susan Tomasky and Ronald J. Ungvarsky Family Fund
Miriam and Bernard Yenkin


Jennifer M. Nelson Carney and John Carney
Marjie and Jeff Coopersmith
Daniel J. Crane
David Crane and Liz Dang
Jay and Meredith Crane
Charlie and Georgia Ruch Gocken

Ann and Tom Hoaglin
Jennifer Massanova and Lou Von Thaer
Julie Nelson Slagle and Christopher Slagle
Fred and Janet Roecker
Sheila F. Torch
Marta and Scott Whitlock


Barbara and David Brandt
Team Brown Fund
Don and Ann Casto
Whitney Crane
Jim Elliott and John Behal
Judy and Ted Fisher
Larry and Marion Fisher
June and Gerald Frankel
Gigi and Sam Fried
Jerry Friedman and Julie Robbins
Barbara and Gary Giller
Bob and Marcia Hershfield
Linda and Frank Kass

Bob and Lucinda Kirk
Bonnie and David Milenthal
Jane P. Mykrantz and Kiehner Johnson
Alan and Carol Radnor
Susie and Charlie Rath
Elizabeth A. Salt
Sadie and Seyman Stern
Richard and Carol Stoff
Brian Taylor and Holly Holtzen
Hugh Westwater and Linda Larrimer
Kim and Jim Wilson
Vivian Witkind Davis


John C. Beeler
Victoria G. Canter
Georgeann C. Corey
Elfi Di Bella
Andy and Diane Dunn
Christine and Tom Farquhar
Michael Flamm and Jennifer McNally Fund
Judy Garel
Sherri Geldin
Joy and Mike Gonsiorowski
Jerome J. Hackman and Linda C. Katz
Brett and Katie Kaufman
Hal Keller and Laurie Kaps-Keller
Thomas Mack

A.J. and Mary Myers
Betsy and Bryan Ross
Lee Shackelford
Joyce and Chuck Shenk
Amy Shevrin
Andrew O. Smith
Bruce and Joy Soll
Mike Spangler
Susan Steinman and Larry Moses
Edward and Sheila Straub
Joan Wallick and James Wasserstrom
Rodney H. Wasserstrom
Chad Whittington
Susan Yost


Anonymous (2)
Larry and Laurie Abramson
Joel and Jody Altschule
Amy and Jeremy Baskes
Dan and Nicki Bloch
Carla L. Cefaratti
Siau-Hsuan Chen
Kristy Barngrover Clear and James Clear
Michael and Rosemary Cox
Michael and Deborah George
Lori and Bruce Gilbert
Marguerite and Michael Gire
Abra Goldman
Steven and Jo Anne Grossman
Lemuel Harrison
Irene Levine
Noah Jones
Steve Keyes and Lauren Bonfield
Stanford and Jane Ackley
Jan Legg

Roger Carroll and Susan Marantz
Teri Meyer
Neil and Christine Mortine
Muchnicki Family Fund
Col. George R. Nelson
Ellen Siegel Pollack
Anne Porter
Jean and Richard Robbins
Molly Ruben
Rocky and Suzy Saxbe
Lenore Schottenstein
Frederick Sewards
Heather Tiefenthaler
Craig and Connie Walley
Brad and Julie Wasserstrom
Steve and Mary Weiler
Michael and Arlene Weiss
Wightman Family Foundation
David and Degee Wilhelm
Daniel Williamson


Anonymous (8)
Catherine Adamescu
George and Vanessa Arnold
Herb Asher
Jody Alders
Tom Bakes
Trevel and Patricia Balser
Don and Linda Barger
Bruce Bartoo
Glen and Cathy Bengson
John J Biancamano
Judith T. Bird
Anna Biszaha
Janie Albright Blank
Diana Bloch
Mr. and Mrs. Sarah and Michael Blumenfeld
Karen Bonaventura
William E. Boys
Dale Brandon
Nancy Brower
Beverly Brown
Karen Brown
Susan and Jim Budros
Nancy Burley
David and Lucy Buzzee
Sharon C. Cameron
V. Joan Campbell
Lynn and Ted Coons
Erin Davis Shedd
Tim Demuth
Stephen and Kathie Devoe
Sarni Dickerson
Lisa and Jason Dolin
Allen Driskill
Joan E. Ellwood
Don Eyer
Chris and John Farley
Jack and Betsy Farrar
Brittany Fortin
Tracey Fox
Ivonne Garcia
Patti Gehred
Nelson and Carole Genshaft
Amos and Yaela Gilat
Andy and Julie Glassman
Kathy K. Goldsmith
Mary Jo Green
Ruth L. Guzner
Barbara Haeger and Kelly Allan
Anne and Wes Harnish
Bobbye and John Haughawout
Mike and Mary Heckler
Sue Helmreich
Steven Vogel and Jane Henderson Fund
Nikki Genoozis-Hess
Anne M. Hildreth
Susan E. Hodge and David A. Greenberg
Robert J. Hoffman
Mary and Tim Hopmann
Tom Hunt
Leslie Huntington
Brian Roe
Julianne Johnson
Karen L. Jones
Elaine and Rob Joseph
Patty Kalbfleisch
Debby and Ira Kane
Brad and Holly Kastan
Marcia Katz Slotnick Fund

Janyce C. Katz
Naomi Kayne
Claire B. Kessler
Rich Wharton and Rose Konrath
Jeremy Latsko
Peggy Lazarus
Jennifer and Greg Lestini
Irit and Dan Levin
Charles T. “Tom” Liszkay and Patti Liszkay
Nancy Lurie
Ms. Laurie Stein Marsh
William and Agnes Martin
Nancy Marzella
Nancy and Bruce Meyer
Gayle Miller
Marlene and David Miller
Megan and Paul Mooney
Anne and James Morganstern
Karen and Neil Moss
Donald C. and D. Susan Nelson
Shannon Nelson
Karen and Dan O’Harra
Keith and Jennifer Osburn
Kathy Pattison
Jonathan and Elaine Pelz
Karen and Jim Pierce
Dan and Lois Porter
Kathy and Fred Ransier
Gretchen and John Riley
Kate and Dan Roche
Roseanne and Mark Rosen
Kevin Rouch
Marilyn and Jim Saad
Michael and Bev Sapienza
Karl Schneider
David Schooler
Joan and Steve Shell
Tom and Carolyn Slack
Renee and Dwight Smith
Marlee and Rick Snowdon
Claudia and Jack Speakman
Mr. and Mrs. W. Stadtlander
Rob and Carol Steiner
Nancy Strause
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sutherin
The Sutters
Donna Swartz
Jere Szabo
Greg and Nancy Thatcher
Frank and Diane Thielman
Victoria Uris and John Giffin
James Valentine
William and Alexandra Valentine
Deborah Verona
Donna and Jay Wamsley
Sara Ward
Bruce Wasserstrom
Egle and Kurt Weiland
Dana and Sue White
Jill A. Whitworth
Clarke and Sara Jean Wilhelm
Deborah Williams
William and Celeste Williams
Elspeth Willoughby
Franck and Leigh Ann Wobst
Kathy Wolfgram
Vanessa Wright
Bill Young
Linda Zupnick

UP TO $99

Anonymous (12)
Elka Abrahamson and Misha Zinkow
Susy Adams
Ann and Mark Allen
Jan Alloy
Michael Arace
James Arter
Sharon R. Austin
Sherri Barrett
Dr. Cherie Bayer
Wendy Bayer
Carla H. Dilley and Robert J. Behal
Cindy Benedict
Rabbi Harold and Beth Berman
Michele and Andy Berstein
Bonnie Beurnier
Lisa Bishoff
Margo Bishop
Dr. Barry Blank
John and Peggy Blevins
Mr. Pierluigi Bonello
Allen Bornstein
Felicia Bousquet
Christopher Bowling
Jennifer Bowman
Sharon F. Brady
Raymond Brahler
Scott Brooks
Christopher Brown
Logan Burd
MaryAnn Burr
Sara Butler
Jerome Cabakoff
Karina Calabro
Elizabeth Carlisle
Joyce Clark
Connie and Michael Colburn
Christiana Cordiano
Barbara Crabill
Robin and Joe Craft
Ann Marie Crawford
Erin Crosby
Barbara J. Cunningham
John and Kriti Davies
Paolo and Patricia DeMaria
Carla H. Dilley and Robert J. Behal
Barbara Dittoe
Ms Joanne Dole
Heidi Dorn
Deborah Duffy
KC Dunstan
Catherine DuPuy
Julie Eikenberry
Jeff Eisenman
Joe Evans
The Fanning Family
James and Gail Ferber
Lesley Fisher
Matthew Fitzsimmons
Dan Foreman
Clinton R. Foulk
Charles and Linda Freidenberg
John Fulton
Jack M. George
Mrs. Sarah Ginnetti
Pam Glasgow
Linda Goldsmith
Kellie A. Grant, Jane A. Grant
Suzanne Gray
Rebecca Gurk and Stuart Mangel
Andrew Harrison
Ethan Haughawout
Harry Heft and Cynthia Kreger
Judith Helm
Molly Hembree
Felicity Hillmer and David McCarty
Margie and Marc Hollander
Janice Howard
Diane Hunter
Sean Hunter
Fran and Gerry Jacobs
Terry and Lenny Janis
Mr. Gregory Jarrett
Lisa Jelle
Richard A. Joseph
Karen Juodvalkis
Judy Kaplansky
Erika Karlak
James and Phyllis Khoury

Gale and Steven M. Klayman
Catherine Koegler
Mark Koenig
Beth Korda
Kelly Klein
Lacki Family
Jacqueline Lantz
Ms. Darlene Lazarow
Stan Lemeshow
Helen Pappas Lias
Merry Lynne Lincove
Polly Lindemann
Vicki Linville
Barry Liss
Cheryl Lubow
Andrea and George Lynch
Dr. Paul and Laura Martin
David E. Maslekoff
Lesli Mautz
Carol McGlone
David Melick
Sarah Merkey
Alyson DeAngelo
William and Karen Montgomery
Sheri VanCleef and Bob Moreen
Barbara Morris
Mollie O’Donnell
Jennifer Ogden
Mark, Mary, David and Jennifer Ogden
Judith K. Oppenheimer
Stanley Osborn
Stanley Osburn
Jennifer Parker
Jacqueline B. Pasternack
Chris and Pam Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Piazza
Karen Pirtle
Barbara Plaisted
Fred and Toby Portman
Chris Promenschenkel
Anna Ramsden
Ellen R. Rapkin
Ronald and Alice Rathburn
David and Linda Ray
Janis Rehmar
James Reinker
Kim Roemer
Gary and Ellen Rogers
Anita and Aron Ross
The Ross Family
Maren Roth
Tom and Lynn Ryan
Ronald E. Santoni
Melanie Saunders
Karl Schedler
Robert and Pam Schirner
Howard Schlezinger
Jenny L. Schmitz
Laura Schulman
Robert and Barbara G. Shapiro
Sallie Sherman
Eugene Shifrin
Penny and Frank Shyjka
Rose Solomon
Tracie Stamm
Gayle Strege
Angela Sullivan
Megan Sullivan
Joshua Summer
Sandy and Fred Summer
Rick and Jennifer Swinehart
Cheri A. Taylor
John Thronton
Heidi Wallace
Sherry J. Walls
Jo Anne Walter
Jennifer and Eric Wasserstrom
Emily Webb
Linda Webb
Paige Webb
William Weddington
Julie Weeks
James Weinberg and Joanne Kesten
Gwen Werman
Mindy Wright
Kim Yee
Debra Yoho
Linda Zhang and David Gao


Vicki Canter
Merry Lynne Lincove

Judy Fisher
Dreiseszun Family Foundation
Karen and Neil Moss

Lucinda Kirk
Stanford and Jane Ackley

The Lazarus Family
Michael Flamm and Jennifer McNally Fund

Mary, Trip and Lexie Lazarus
Peggy Lazarus

Daniel and Andrew Zupnick
Linda Zupnick


Ruth and Harry Bakes
Tom Bakes

Cima Balser
Trevel and Patricia Balser

Denise Blank
Dr. Barry Blank

Brian Burson
Christiana Cordiano

Bill Conner
Richard and Carol Stoff

Fred Holdridge
James Arter

Dan Foreman

Janice Roth
Joyce and Chuck Shenk

Please contact the Development Office at jmorris@capa.com if an error has been made in compiling this information.







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