Join us for the 2022 Drexel Gala
at 6 pm on Sunday, November 6 at the Jeffery Mansion
as we honor the Jeffrey Family


For generations, the Jeffrey Family has been a cornerstone of arts, humanitarian, and educational organizations in and around Columbus. Without the thoughtful leadership and tireless efforts of Tad & Nancy Jeffrey serving our community organizations, the Columbus landscape would look vastly different. In particular, the Jeffrey Family recognized the Drexel Theatre’s critical role in the economic vitality of Main Street, and Bexley as a whole.


Your gift to the Drexel Gala, an event hosted by Friends of the Drexel, may be tax deductible as allowed by law. The Friends of the Drexel is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that owns and operates the Drexel Theatre. Please consult your financial advisor for assistance.

Gala Committee:

Kelly Casto, Chair
Barbara Brandt ▪ Sherri Geldin ▪ Georgia Ruch Gocken ▪ Trip Lazarus ▪ Amy Milbourne ▪ Bonnie Milenthal ▪ Richard Stoff ▪ Kimberly Rice Wilson

For questions or more information, please contact Jessica Morris.