Now Playing at the Drexel

Brooklyn (PG-13)

Runtime: 1:51

NOW PLAYING - In 1950s Ireland and New York, young Ellis Lacey has to choose between two men and two countries. Three Oscar nominations - Best Picture, Actress in a Leading Role (Saoirse Ronan), and Adapted Screenplay (Nick Hornby).

45 Years (R)

Runtime: 1:35

NOW PLAYING - In the week leading up to their 45th wedding anniversary, a couple receive an unexpected letter which contains potentially life changing news. Starring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay.

The Big Short (R)

Runtime: 2:10

NOW PLAYING - Four outsiders in the world of high-finance who predicted the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s decide to take on the big banks for their lack of foresight and greed. Based on the true story and best-selling book by Michael Lewis (The Blind Side, Moneyball), and directed by Adam McKay (Anchorman, Step Brothers).

DOCUMENTARY + Q&A: The True Cost (PG-13)

Runtime: 1:32

Thursday, Feb. 18 at 6 pmTHE TRUE COST, hosted by Upper Arlington High School student Charlie Mitchell for his Capstone Project.  A Q&A will follow the screening with guests from Lane Bryant, Thread and local designer Kelli Martin of Anti.Label. Food by Cameron Mitchell Premier Events is included with your $10 ticket. Get your tickets here.