Coming Soon To The Drexel

Certain Women (R)

Runtime: 1:47

Starts Friday, October 28

The lives of three women intersect in small-town America, where each is imperfectly blazing a trail.

Starring: Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern
Written and directed by: Kelly Reichardt

Visit the film's website here.

Loving (PG-13)

Runtime: 2:03

Starts Wednesday, November 23

Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, are sentenced to prison in Virginia in 1958 for getting married. It's the true story that led to a landmark Supreme Court decision in 1967.

Starring: Ruth Negga, Joel Edgerton
Written and directed by: Jeff Nichols

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The Eagle Huntress (G)

Runtime: 1:27

Starts Wednesday, November 23

The Eagle Huntress follows Aisholpan, a 13-year-old girl, as she trains to become the first female in twelve generations of her Kazakh family to become an eagle hunter.

Starring: Daisy Ridley, Aisholpan
Directed by: Otto Bell

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Manchester by the Sea (R)

Runtime: 2:15

Starts Friday, December 9

In Manchester by the Sea, the latest film from award-winning writer and director Kenneth Lonergan, the life of a solitary Boston janitor is transformed when he returns to his hometown to take care of his teenage nephew.

Starring: Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler
Written and directed by: Kenneth Lonergan

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Lion (NR)

Runtime: 2:09

Starts Wednesday, December 21

A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia; 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.

Starring: Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman
Directed by: Garth Davis

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Jackie (R)

Runtime: 1:35

Starts Friday, January 20

Following the assassination of her husband, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy fights through grief and trauma to regain her faith, console her children, and define her husband's historic legacy.

Starring: Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard, Caspar Phillipson
Directed by: Pablo Larraín

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